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Life Without Buster Posey In 2020

Buster Posey has started opening day in the SQUAAAATT for the Giants since 2011. Posey decided to opt-out of the 2020 season due to health concerns as he and his wife Kristen had just adopted twin baby girls born prematurely.

I think I speak for many Giants fans when saying that I was expecting to get our first big league look at Joey Bart behind the plate. That’s not how things played out, as Bart wasn’t on the opening day roster. Bart is apart of the player pool, which allows teams to have additional players available, with no minor league baseball in 2020.

Kapler and the Giants instead elected to go with Rob Brantly and Tyler Heineman. Brantly was DFA’d shortly after, and we are now riding with Heineman and Chadwick Tromp. We’ve gotten looks at both catchers being 11 games into the season, and you can trust me that neither of these two dudes are going to be winning defensive awards any time soon. Tromp does have a little pop with two homers in the young season, and Heineman is currently batting .300.

Buster Posey

There’s no denying that Posey is on the decline offensively. The 33-year-old is no longer a threat to hit the long ball, totaling just 12 homers over the last two years combined. Posey also had a career-worst in 2019, batting just .257. Although a lifetime .302 hitter, I don’t see the offensive numbers turning the corner at this point in his career. So… even though I’m hesitant to say it, I will. The Giants are probably better off offensively without Posey in the lineup.

I have no reservations in saying that when Kapler decides to do the right thing and recalls Bart to San Francisco, we will 1000% be in a better spot offensively than we would be with Buster.

Buster Posey opts-out of the 2020 season.

Posey was the best all-around catcher of the decade. Some people would say Yadier Molina. I would say shut up. Posey has been elite defensively since day one and still is. So to answer the question, “are we better off without Posey in the lineup defensively?” No, not even a little bit. Definitely not with Heineman, Tromp, or Bart; and I will go as far as to say that we would be better off with Posey in SQUAAAATT : ) (My Giants fans know what that’s all about) then we would be with any catcher in baseball.

So how’s life without Buster Posey?

Life without Buster is sad, especially as this is the first time in a long time that we are also without MadBum and Bochy. We do have Crawford and Belt around still, and we’ve got some good veteran presence with Longo. However, none of these three guys can do as much for this clubhouse as Posey, Bum, or Boch. Without Bochy, we needed Posey to be there more than ever before. I could guarantee you that we wouldn’t lead the league with 97 errors through 11 games if Posey were there… OK…. We don’t have 97 errors, but it sure as hell seems like it watching all of these games, and we definitely have more than any other team in the majors besides Kansas City.

Are we better off?

Our Giants are not better off without Posey in the lineup. And who knows what the future holds. Want to take a quick glimpse into the future together? I don’t think that we’ll see Buster Posey as our catcher anymore, so we should all enjoy the memories. I believe Joey Bart is ready right now, so he will undoubtedly be ready to take over the catching duties in 2021 when Posey comes back. Belt will have a new home, and Posey will take over as our full-time first baseman.

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