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Zach Plesac And Mike Clevinger Risk Baseball For All Of Us

Zach Plesac decided to go out with friends Saturday evening following his win versus the White Sox. The Indians jumped into quick action sending the starting pitcher back home in a rental car. Plesac will need to come back with two negative tests before returning to the club, baring any disciplinary action from the Indians.

It was later confirmed that Plesac wasn’t alone and that Mike Clevinger had joined the party. The difference is where Plesac got busted, Clevinger got away with his BS decision. It wasn’t found out until Monday that he also had violated the league policy of remaining in hotels when on the road. Clevinger watched the whole thing unfold with his counterpart Plesac and kept his mouth shut, flying with the team on Sunday. Clevinger has been scratched from his start tomorrow against the Cubs and will need to quarantine accordingly.

As a baseball fan, this pisses me off. These guys know the rules and what’s at stake for everyone in the baseball world. Their teammate and fellow starter Carlos Carrasco was diagnosed with cancer last year for fuck sake. It’s so disappointing to me; we saw what happened with the Marlins and Cardinals, so why do this?

This is a team-first sport, and Plesac and Clevinger are putting their wants in front of their fans, their team’s safety, and major league baseball. I understand that being cooped up in hotels alone all day when not engaged in baseball activities has to suck; I get that, but you’ve got to be a professional and put the game first. Plesac and Clevinger failed to put the game first with their selfish decisions to go out. Clevinger should be ashamed of himself for hiding behind his mistake. He should have owned up to what he did and not gotten on that plane with his teammates.

I was upset when it broke that Cardinals players left the team hotel in Milwaukee to go to a casino, causing a breakout of Covid cases throughout the locker room. The cardinals haven’t played in over a week, and as of today, games are still getting delayed. This coming after multiple Marlins games were suspended due to their Covid outbreak. My thoughts were that after these two events, teams and players would understand just how serious this is and that if players aren’t abiding by the guidelines put into place by MLB, our season would be at risk of coming to an early end.

What needs to happen to Clevinger and Plesac?

Mike Clevinger and Zach Plesac

What should the Indians do with the two starters? And what should MLB do? I say MLB needs to step in and step in hard. Our season is at stake, and an example needs to be made of the two starters. I would suggest a twelve-game suspension for both. The tone needs to be set that there will be major consequences for violating league rules that endanger the 2020 season.

After all that’s happened already with teams being quarantined and games being missed, how could Plesac and Clevinger do this? MLB has a responsibility to protect its players. If professional athletes cannot act like adults and follow simple guidelines, MLB will have no choice but to cancel the season. That is a high price to pay because you wanted to go out to dinner with some friends.

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