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Laureano Takes On Astros Hitting Coach

The A’s had been dominating the Astros for three days at this point. Laureano had just gotten hit for the third time in the series and the second time that day. A’s players were hit five times in this series, and not one pitcher from the A’s threw at one Astros player. It’s actually quite amazing to me that after everything the Astros did over the last few years (CHEAT) that the A’s could continue to play ball without retaliating after being hit five times.

After Laureano wore his second beanball of the game, an off-speed pitch from Humberto Castellanos, he tried to teach the pitcher how to throw a slider by gesturing with hand and arm motions, which was hilarious. Castellanos obviously didn’t like that and had some things to say to Laureano as he took his slow trot to first. At this point, it was nothing serious. Laureano was tired of getting hit, and Castellanos didn’t like being told how to pitch by an outfielder. Astros catcher Maldonado stayed in-between the two players to prevent any added drama as Laureano finished his walk.

Alex Cintron

This should have and could have been the end of it. Instead, let’s introduce Houston’s hitting coach, Alex Cintron. Cintron is the only reason things got out of hand, as he is yelling at Laureano on first base from the dugout. None of the Astros players are even saying anything, just the coach. Laureano couldn’t ignore Cintron. With no fans in the stands, if someone’s jawin, you can hear it. Laureano tries to wave Cintron off, but Cintron continues to dump gasoline on the fire. At this point, Cintron is out of the dugout on the field, gesturing at Laureano to come over to him. He’s saying he wants to fight essentially. There’s a rumor that Cintron made a comment about Lauerano’s momma, I don’t know. I mean, I didn’t hear it but come on bro….

And Laureano is off

Laureano takes on Astros hitting coach

So here we go. Laureano drops his helmet and starts his charge. Now, When I say Cintron backed up so fast, I mean, so fast. He completely disappeared behind the players.

First of all, don’t provoke a fight that you’re not going to participate in. Second, you can’t be doing that shit. You’re not even a player.

Laureano was tackled to the ground by Dustin Garneau before anything could happen. No punches were thrown and although there were many players in the pile and guys had to be separated, no harm was done. Good job by Garneau for stopping the incident while it was still just that, an incident. Had he tried to engage with Laureano or allowed him to get by, I would probably be calling this a brawl rather than an incident. Although pissed and in the heat of the moment, Laureano did what he did in rushing the Astros dugout. I would be willing to bet you that he was happy that he got tackled and things stopped where they did. The punishment for connecting with a punch would have been much worse.

How do we feel about it?

I feel bad for Laureano, who received a six-game suspension for his part. He got hit three times, and he was getting barked at and challenged by a freakin hitting coach. He has been one of the hottest guys on a scorching Oakland A’s team that’s now going to miss some time. I am surprised however, that Laureano’s number was so low. Joe Kelly just got eight games for throwing at guys he didn’t even hit. Regardless, his presence will be missed in that lineup, and I’m happy the number is relatively low. He was provoked.

I’m in disbelief by Alex Cintron. He received a 20 game suspension, which is huge, and he’s going to miss a third of the year. I wouldn’t have batted an eye though, if MLB told him he was done for the season. He’s a coach. He cannot be doing this kind of crap. Initiating a confrontation as a coach with a player is garbage. What makes it even more frustrating is at least back it up! I mean, back it up like you’re starting a fight, waving a guy on, and stepped out of the dugout towards Laureano. I don’t mean back it up like YOU did, and freakin happy feeted (made that word up) backwards behind the players and back into the dugout—Bush League dude.

The best part of this situation is Laureano’s quote to ESPN following the game.

I regret charging him because he’s a loser.

That's funny

Well there you have it….

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