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Are players And Coaches Kneeling During Our National Anthem Ruining The Game?

Before we get started, let me clarify that this is just my opinion. There is no need to turn this post into a Facebook threat if you disagree with me.

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the topic of professional athletes kneeling during our National Anthem. It’s a subject that everyone has an opinion on. We’ve all seen that guy on social media go from zero to 100 real quick to try and shove his opinion down your throat and explain to you, IN ALL CAPS, WHY YOU ARE WRONG! It doesn’t take much to set some people off. People are going as far as to declare that they are giving up on their sports teams altogether in response to the players kneeling.

Players feeling during the National Anthem

Both sides are understandable. Many have made the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives for the flag. Some take kneeling as a sign of disrespect to those who have fallen. Thought being, they gave their lives for you and that flag, so get on your feet and respect it.


But who’s pulling from the other side of the rope in this game of tug of war?

What about the thought that focuses on what the flag represents? America, freedom of speech, freedom of expression. Again, many have given their lives fighting for our flag. Fighting for all of us to ensure that we still have our freedom and the ability to express ourselves and stand up for what we believe in. So if soldiers are fighting for our freedom, and people feel the need to protest against racial inequality, aren’t we just exercising the rights allowed to us by our military? That’s not disrespectful. That’s what they’re fighting for.

Also understandable….

Here’s my thing, the way I’ve always heard it, and the way it’s always been is “please stand for our National Anthem.” “May we all rise and remove our caps for our nation’s National Anthem” I understand athletes using their platform in kneeling to protest racial and social inequalities. It’s a powerful platform, and in kneeling, they raise awareness of these points.

Would I kneel?

I would not….

Personally, I will always decide to stand up for our country and flag. I see standing during our National Anthem in the same light as standing up when you are introduced to someone new. Those two things aren’t the same by any stretch, but they are both examples of being respectful. That’s the driving factor in my decision to stand, respect.

As professional athletes, I believe there are multiple ways to fight racial and social injustices. By taking a knee to raise awareness, I mean, I think we’re all pretty aware, and as we kneel, we divide.

Here’s the main thing, racism is real, and inequality is real, that needs to be fixed. I believe everyone needs to find common ground on the FACT that we are all equal. Whether you’re a man, a woman, black, white, blue, purple, or yellow, no one should be treated differently or allowed less than others. No one reading this is better than me, just as I’m no better than any of my readers. The problem is that not everyone agrees with those last few sentences.

Players feeling during the National Anthem

We need to figure out a way to bring everyone together. As I said, kneeling is dividing us. People kneel to bring awareness to social and racial issues, but everyone is pissed about the kneeling because it disrespects our military. Those aren’t even the same things! I see that we’re taking one issue, which is a huge issue in racial and social injustice, and we’re protesting the flag in that it represents freedom and equality, but not everyone is treated the same. Again, the people that are mad about the kneeling are mad that people are disrespecting our country. We went from one issue to two. We need a new way to unite us rather than divide us so we can fight racism and inequality together side by side.

I know it’s not realistic, but I wish that everyone could find a way to understand and not get so worked up. Whether you agree with the kneeling or not, how about being accepting and understanding anyway? Take your ego out of the equation and focus on the intent of taking a knee.

No one is kneeling because they hate America and our military, but people are so locked in on that thought alone. Take a step back. That’s not the message these athletes are sending or what they believe in. This is all about equality, and people need to understand that. It’s essentially putting words in someone’s mouth. We’re twisting the intent of action and dividing. The goal is for everyone to be loved and treated equally. Unfortunately, the lack of understanding is twisting the narrative, and the divide grows larger.

I made it obvious that my opinion is that we should stand, but my opinion is also that we should love each other. If your opinion is the complete opposite from mine, guess what? That’s 100% fine, like seriously bro…. It’s fine. We’re all entitled to our own opinions. Does seeing players kneel piss me off? No, not at all. They have their opinions and are doing what they believe is right. Do you know what people should do??? What they think is right! Anyone willing to give up on baseball altogether because players on their team are kneeling needs to take a serious chill pill.

I watch baseball games every day, EVERY day (I wonder if anyone will read that in the way that I just said it out loud….) ANYWAY, I watch baseball every day, and I don’t even notice the kneeling. I turn on a baseball game to watch the game. I don’t turn it on to see who’s all kneeling so I can get hulk angry, kick my dog, and call people names on the internet. Quit letting all of this ruin your day. Let baseball unite us. It’s fun. Just enjoy the game man!



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