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Why Does Baseball Love Alex Rodriguez?

A-Rod, in the eyes of Yankee fans, and A-Wad to all you Mariners out there. He is Alex Rodriguez. And he is largely received in a positive light by a majority of baseball fans. He’s just as well held in high regard by major league baseball. Alex Rodriguez was drafted first overall by the Mariners in 1993, joining Hall Of Famers Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr, and Edgar Martinez.

Alex Rodriguez left the Mariners to enjoy three drug-filled years in Texas. A-Rod must have loved how that Rangers uniform felt with all he was able to accomplish in it. He won the Silver Slugger award every year that he was a Ranger, to go along with two Gold Gloves and an MVP Award.

Do you know why that uniform felt oh so good over his chemically enhanced shoulders? Because he got paid 252 million dollars to wear it. A-Rod’s contract with Texas was the largest contract ever given to a professional athlete at the time. Rodriguez found his forever home after opting out of that mega-contract with Texas to join the New York Yankees for even more money. A-Rod signed with the Yanks for 275 million.

Alex Rodrigues and J-Lo

New York fits Rodriguez like that glass slipper fit Cinderella. The lights, the glitz, and glam, J-Lo… Rodriguez was set on being immortal in the pinstripes and opted out of his first wife Cynthia faster than he did the Texas Rangers. There was however, trouble coming A-Rods way. In 2003 MLB ran out an anonymous drug testing. Why would they test anonymously? I don’t know; I think it’s stupid too. Later however, it would become known that Rodriguez was one of many who tested positive for PEDs.

Years later, Tony Bosch’s PED empire came crashing down. If you don’t know who Tony Bosch is, he was like Santa Claus to athletes that wanted to become bigger, stronger, and faster. Santa Claus happily shared his naughty list to avoid eating cookies and milk in prison with Big Carl. Thousands of records, supplement-taking agendas for athletes, and text messages were uncovered. Even though not alone, Rodriguez took the brunt of the punishment and was suspended for the entire 2014 season.

It was ugly for Rodriguez, who aggressively interrupted MLB in their investigations of Bosch and PEDs in baseball. Rodriguez appeared on multiple networks vigorously denying all use of PEDs. Known associates of Rodriguez made threats towards Tony Bosch’s life if he didn’t keep quiet. A-Rod even filed a lawsuit against Major League Baseball. So we can all agree; it’s been a rough outing for this dude. (He didn’t have J-Lo yet, so you can’t all say he was still doing fine.) Rodriguez has since made all of his apologies and openly admits to using PEDs from 2001-2003


I know that I’ve made A-Rod sound like a shit bag throughout this entire post. I can honestly say, even though I don’t like him, that’s not the point I’m trying to make. I’m a lifelong Giants fan, and I freakin love Barry Bonds, so obviously, I can see through mistakes. The ultimate question is, fast forward to now, why does baseball love, Alex Rodriguez? He’s all over FOX as an MLB TV analyst, and he broadcasts televised games on ESPN with Matt Vasgersian. Do you know that you can’t buy a Barry Bonds Jersey in Oracle Park in San Francisco? Bonds is so hated that even though he was the greatest baseball player that’s ever lived, you can’t buy his merchandise in his own home ballpark! While Alex Rodriguez remains a poster boy for the MLB.

What’s the difference? Alex Rodriguez was great, Bonds was obviously better, but why does baseball hate everything about and every breath that Barry Bonds takes?

  • Both Players are first-ballot Hall Of Fame talents. They have the stats to back it up, and the only thing keeping them out is their involvement in PEDs.
  • Both players are known for cheating the game due to their PED use.
  • Both players had public affairs that damaged their reputations.
  • Both players were heavily involved in Charities and helping our youth.
The GOAT and Alex Rodriguez

The only difference is that Bonds was a total dick, and there’s no denying that. Rodriguez is a nice dude. He talks to others with respect, speaks professionally, and interviews well. He really seems like a good guy, whether it’s real or fake, I don’t know, but he always says the right things and is professional. Bonds was real, a real asshole. I have a hard time with how A-Rod is celebrated after all of the things he has done. Baseball waits for him with open arms, ready to put him on TV as the face of the game. I’m sure as a Giants and a Barry Bonds fan, my opinion is skewed, but why is he trash?

I’ve always got my opinion strongly on display in my writings. This topic however, leaves me with my hands in the air. I don’t understand why we celebrate Rodriguez while Bonds is looked at as the freakin Charles Manson of professional sports. My personal beliefs in regards to the HOF are, call the era what it is. It’s the steroid era. Didn’t Babe Ruth have a coke habit? I guarantee you it’s easier to hit a baseball when your brain is moving at mach one speed.

Let Bonds in; he’s the greatest player of all time, and let Rodriguez in. He was one of the legit all-time greats as well. HOWEVER! If Bonds doesn’t get in, A-Rod does not in any way, shape, or form belong anywhere near The Hall. I’m not a pity party kind of guy, but when 2022 comes around, A-Rods eligibility year; if he finds himself in a Hall Of Fame that doesn’t include Barry Bonds, then the baseball Hall Of Fame doesn’t mean shit. It would forever, in my eyes, be nothing but a popularity contest that holds no grounds for pride based on a player’s god-given and earned talents.

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