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Is Fernando Tatis Jr. In The Wrong?

Monday night, as the Padres were spanking the Rangers, Fernando Tatis Jr. came to the plate with the bases juiced in the 8th. The Padres were up 10-3, and Tatis was up 3-0 in the count. Do you know what he did? PIMPED IT for his league-leading 11th homer of the year. (SEE HERE)

This was yesterday, and Tatis has been getting shit on all morning for it. WHY? What is he supposed to do? Ground into a double play to end the inning? It’s a professional sport, and they are professional athletes. The mindset should never go from winning to let’s take it easy on these guys…. Effff that nonsense. Do you know when it’s ok for a professional athlete not to try to win every play? When they are home playing one on one with their children. I freakin hope Tatis was thinking nothing but salami sandwich on every pitch of that at-bat.

Fernando Tatis Jr.

The sad thing is that the very next pitch was a 93 mph fastball that was thrown behind Manny Machado. Really? Grow up. No one likes to lose, and obviously, emotions are high when you’re losing a game 14-3, but throwing a fastball at a player isn’t the way to fix it. It already happened, so The Rangers should have either been thinking about how they’re going to score 12 runs in an inning………. Or taken a more realistic approach and thought about how they are going to prevent it from happening again tomorrow. “I’m really super duper famous so Rangers players are probably going to read this.” I’ll help with the game plan for today’s game, “Do not throw meatballs down the center of the plate to Fernando Tatis Jr. with the bases loaded.” Duh bro….

Fernando Tatis Jr.

If you follow me, you know I’m a Giants fan. So, rooting for a Padre isn’t something I would normally do. However, today I hope Fernando Tatis Jr. goes out there and crushes the ball against the Rangers. I hope the score is more lopsided today than it was yesterday. The thing is, Tatis is a freakin superstar. He’s 21 years old and at this point in the 2020 season, is the NL MVP. He should never have to get in front of a camera and apologize for hitting a grand slam. “Fernando, keep swingin dude.”


  1. Not at all he and everyone should keep swinging away these unwritten rules are ridiculous. They get paid to produce and to win there are so many reasons why he definitely should swing hard to find a true reason why he shouldn’t have. It’s kinda like bunting with a no no going eff that get on base and try to win no matter what.

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