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Welcome To The Bigs Joey Bart

The time has finally come! Today, August 20th, Giants fans get Joey Bart. We all knew this day was coming. Like many other Giants fans, I threw my hands in the air when Bart was sent down before the start of the season. I wanted Bart right away, especially without Posey, but I understand the business side of things in waiting. With the Giants waiting, Bart won’t be eligible for free agency until after the 2026 season. This gives the Giants more control over the heir to Buster Posey.

Bart was the second overall pick in the 2018 draft. He was picked behind Casey Mize, who was selected first overall by the Tigers. Mize made his major league debut yesterday vs. the White Sox. Lineups for tonight’s Giants game haven’t been submitted yet, but I’ll be sweating and dripping with anticipation waiting for that. The Giants are taking on the Angels in San Francisco at 6:45 tonight, so that mother fucker better drive fast.

Buster Posey has been the face of the Giants franchise for a decade. Posey’s contract ends after the 2022 season, but the team has a club option after 2021. Posey is on the decline, and with Bart, we have our replacement. What I would like to see and expect to see is Bart finishing out this year as our everyday catcher. Next year I would like to have Bart continue as our everyday catcher and use Posey as a primary DH, rotating in at catcher and first to give Belt and Bart days off. Once we get through 2021, Belt and Posey need to get out to allow our rebuild to really start.

I’m fortunate enough to live in Salem Oregon, where Volcanoes stadium for me is a mere 20-minute drive. The Salem-Keizer Volcanoes are the Giants low A-ball affiliate, where I get to watch all of our newly drafted Giants make their professional debuts. There was no way I was going to miss the debut of Joey Bart. So, my son and I headed down to Volcanoes stadium, where my beer cost more than my ticket to get in. I mean, the tickets were cheaper than all my beers collectively, but that’s neither here nor there. We weren’t disappointed as we got to see Bart hit both his first and second homer as a professional in his debut. Bart ended the game 3-5 with 2 homers and 4 RBIs. From that moment on, I’ve been craving the moment I just got. That bing on my phone dealing the news that Bart received the call.

As a new chapter in Giants baseball begins today, I look forward to the process. In the next two years, we will get the likes of Crawford, Posey, Belt, Longoria, Samarddzjia, and Cueto off the books, along with others. We will see players like Bart, Ramos, Luciano, and Bishop make it to the bigs. Players from the world championship teams will all be gone, and the new era will begin. Although sad for many as we are in the process of sucking major butt cheeks for the foreseeable years. We should be looking on the bright side in that the future is visible. It’s visible, and Bart will be the centerpiece.

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