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What Should The Giants Do At The Trade Deadline?

Remember when we were 8-16? Yeah, so do I, because it was a week ago. Even with the expanded playoff that we will see in 2020, the Giants were still in the same conversation as teams like the Pirates and Red Sox as to having a snowballs chance in hell at playing in October. Well, here we are seven wins in a row later, and if the playoffs started today, we would be in them…

This is reminiscent of 2019 where the Giants posted a MLB best 19-6 record in July. That 2019 team that was an afterthought for October baseball caught fire right before the deadline. This led to Farhan making the decision to hold onto MadBum and closer Will Smith, rather than moving them for prospects. Bum and Smith were both in their walk years, and we could have gotten major returns for the two players had they been moved. Smith was the best closer in the league at the time, and Bumgarner is a post season legend that contending teams would have jumped all over.

I want to make something clear real quick, I am very appreciative as a Giants fan that the organization is always trying to send out a winning lineup for its fans. I really do, I couldn’t imagine being a Mariners fan and having my team never go for it. Haven’t they been in rebuild mode since like 2004??? Anyway, for us I think its time to be realistic and do what’s best for the long run. We got excited last year because we got hot midseason, but ended the season 77-85 which was no where near good enough for a playoff berth. We let Madbum go to Arizona and Smith signed with Atlanta, we held onto them at the deadline, and that was a mistake. We would be a better team right now if we would have pulled the trigger. The Evan Longoria trade a few years back was also a mistake, and was made with wishful thinking for the fans. I loved having Andrew McCLUTCHin on the team, but again wishful thinking. All of the decisions I’ve just touched on were for the fans. It gets us excited, makes us feel like we’re going for it, keeps us coming to the ballpark.

Right now we’re not good enough to win a World Series, and that’s all that we need to focus on. We’ve got a lot of good stories on the team. Guys like Yastrzemski, Solano, Flores, Slater, and on and on and on have been playing lights out. I’m pretty sure every one of those dudes is hitting over .300 right now, but do not forget, we were tied for the second worst record in baseball a week ago, A WEEK AGO! We’re not even a .500 team right now, so being buyers at the deadline would be another mistake.

We need to calm our coconuts and do nothing! We cannot be buyers if we’re giving up prospects to do so. Digging into our farm system will set us back, not help us win a World Series. At the same time we shouldn’t be selling either. Nothing we have right now would warrant a huge return. We’re in the playoff picture, at least for now. We’ve got some good young talent on our big league roster, play it out. If we make it to October with what we have, then hell freakin yeah baby. 16 teams are getting in, why couldn’t we be one of them? JUST DON’T GIVE UP ANY YOUNG TALENT!

It’s rebuilding time guys, and we’re not going to be good until we’re done paying Samardzija, Longoria, Belt, Crawford, and Posey. It’s going to take until after the 2023 season for all of these guys to be gone. In that time we need to continue developing and bringing up our young talent. After we get through the next few years we will have a real opportunity to regain our spot at the top. The Giants of old will be replaced by the Giants of new. The books will be clean to bring in some free agent studs, to compliment our new young core. Our time will come, but that’s what it’s going to take, time. We need to allow this rebuild to work, and not be grasping at straws just because we’ve won a few games in a row. Respect the process.

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