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Giants Do Exactly What They Need To At This Years Deadline

See that picture above? That’s Giants president of baseball operations, Farhan Zaidi. He’s on the phone with the Yankees telling them to piss right off.

Ok, I don’t know, maybe that’s not what he’s saying, but that’s how I like to imagine it. I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t been a lifer in Zaidi’s corner since he’s come to the Giants. However, as time goes on I find myself supporting and seeing the long-term goal that he has for this team. I was glued to my television today, not missing a minute of coverage as today marked the trade deadline. I knew what I wanted, but wasn’t sure what directions the Giants were going to take.

We ended up making all of the right decisions. Our team looks exactly like it did yesterday. We didn’t sell any of our prospects or young talent to add a piece and make a playoff run. And we didn’t throw in the towel and move any of our sought-after big-league talent. We stayed the course like I have been preaching. And although not everyone is happy about this, I’m over the moon about it.

Although we find ourselves just half a game out of a wild card spot, we are in no position to give away our future in the hopes for now. I mean, I’ll be optimistic and admit that anything is possible and if we get into the postseason, who knows what might happen. If we opted for a rental and bargained with prospects, the only thing that would keep me from being furious would be winning the World Series. And we’re just not there yet, folks.

We could have gone the opposite direction and cleaned house. I say cleaned house, but really we could have gotten rid of maybe three or four guys. Tony Watson would have been a gold mine for us, a gold mine that I believe every team in contention would have taken a serious look at. Kevin Gausman would have also been 100% gone. The Yankees really pushed hard to get the 6’4 right-hander from us today. I’m also fairly certain that we could have moved Cueto. I know there is the complication of his salary, but we very well could have offered up a little cash to smooth that over. I preferred to stay pat and not buy or sell, but if we ended up moving on from these three guys, I wouldn’t have been mad at it. It helps the future. It’s just nice to be excited watching baseball games. Right now, it’s exhilarating because we’re in the race.

The act of doing nothing keeps a team that has been clicking offensively together. It keeps our pitching staff intact that has been much improved over the last few weeks, and It takes all the pressure off. If the Giants don’t make the playoffs, who’s expectations weren’t meant? We were fully expected to suck this year, and I’m happy with the way we’re playing. Making it into the postseason would be freaking awesome, and I would love every minute of it. If we were sellers, there’s no way we would have made the playoffs. That’s ok because we’re rebuilding, and rebuilding teams usually don’t make the playoffs. If we had gone out and added a bunch of pieces watching the second half of this season would have been more stressful than enjoyable. We would have had that black cloud hovering over us that we once again delayed the future for the now. We would have been obligated to make a playoff run, and if that didn’t happen, it would be nothing but pissed-off Giants fan hollering about how Farhan doesn’t know shit.

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