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The Mile High Massacre

The last four years have been frustrating to watch offensively as a Giants fan. We’ve had the same problem, can’t hit, can’t hit the long ball, and can’t score runs. The 2020 Giants have sure thrown that out the window, as Tuesday night we scored 23 runs off 27 hits in the Mile High Massacre of the Rockies at Coors Field. 23 runs is the most scored by any Giants team in my lifetime. The last time the Giants scored 23+ runs in a game was in 1990, yeah, 30 freakin years ago.

If you want to know how many runs the Rockies scored last night, go look it up, I’m not going to tell you because it sure as hell wasn’t 23, so it doesn’t matter. I will tell you that of the 13 position players on the Giants roster, 11 of them recorded hits. Suck on that Colorado.

Alex Dickerson was quoted after the game saying, “That’s by far the best game I’ve had in my life” lol yeah, no shit bro!

It’s hard to say that Alex Dickerson was the star in Tuesdays game. Every Giant came to play and there were stars up and down the entire line up. This was the first game ever in MLB history where three separate players on the same team had six+ RBIs in a game. Dickerson, Crawford, and Solano make up that stand alone statistic.

So, instead of the star of the game, we’ll call Dickerson, the superstar of the game. Dickerson ended the night with 3 home runs and two doubles. One of those doubles was just a few feet shy of going over the wall for what would have been his fourth homer. If only he could borrow a few feet from his first homer, which traveled 480 goddamn feet! That 480 footer was the second-longest home run hit thus far in the 2020 season.

Want more crazy statistics from this game? SURE WHY NOT. Dickerson recorded a total of 16 bags Tuesday night. That is tied for first place with, oh you know, just Willie Mays, no big deal. Who else rounds out that top five? More Willie Mays with some Barry Bonds peppered in, but Alex Dickerson is at the top. Read that last statistic without smirking. I freakin dare you! You can’t do it, can you? Dickerson is also the only Giants player in history with five extra-base hits in a single game.

Something I really got a kick out of this morning as I reviewed the highlights and listened to the comments and opinions of MLB analysts. They all seemed to love what the Giants did Tuesday night, praising them, calling them a real playoff contender. Sorry to live in the past, but why the hell was everyone so mad at Fernando Tatis? It’s funny to me now, but remember when he got sooooo much shit for hitting a grand slam against the Rangers when they were up 10-3…… Dude, we just scored 23… but whatever, WE SCORED 23! HELL YEAH!

Last night’s demolition of the hearts of Rockies fans puts us back into the eighth spot in the playoffs. We needed that, and we need to keep the momentum going. Philadelphia has really been clicking as of late, and they improved their bullpen at the trade deadline. I imagine that they will make off with that first wild card spot. Minnesota is right there too, but they suck, so whatever to them. This last spot is going to belong to either the Giants or Rockies. Again, we’ve got to keep it rolling. We’ve got one more game against the Colorado Suckies before having our next six against the D-Backs or Mariners, all of which are very winnable games for us. The Rockies play their next six against the Dodgers and Padres. This is going to be a fun week.

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