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Will The Giants make The Playoffs?

With two weeks to go and the Giants fighting to stay in the mix, do they pull it off?

Here we go, twelve games left in the regular season, and the Giants are barely holding onto the second wildcard spot with a two-game lead over the 9th seeded Colorado Rockies. Our winning percentage is basically identical to the 7th seeded Miami Marlins, so we are actually closer to being the 7th seed than we are to falling out of the playoffs entirely. The only issue is that it’s a hell of a lot easier to lose baseball games than it is to win them.

We are entering our down day today with a three-game losing streak, losing two games yesterday in our doubleheader with San Diego. Last month we played a doubleheader against the Dodgers and lost both of those games as well, it’s fair to say that doubleheaders haven’t proven to be our friend. Our next five games are on the road, with two vs. the Mariners followed by three against the A’s. We then will come home to finish things off with four against the Rockies and three with the Padres.

So do we make it?

The realist in me has some doubts, but I think we go .500 the rest of the way and can hold onto that 7th or 8th seed. Anything less than .500 I say the chances are in favor of Giants players watching the postseason from home.

Here’s how we do it!

  • Two game series against Seattle, we split the series making us 1-1 down the final stretch.
  • Three game series vs. the A’s, we lose two of three, making us 2-3
  • Four game series against the Rockies, we need to step up here and take three of four games, putting us at 5-4
  • We’ll finish with a three-game series against the Padres, we lose two of three, finishing 6-6

I feel pretty good about what I just laid out here, but any slip-ups are going to cost us big time. If something goes wrong and we get swept by the Mainers or A’s, that will put major pressure on us to win our final regular-season series against the Padres. The Padres who have owned us all year long. I’m confident about us at least splitting the series against the Mariners, and I actually feel like that’s a series we could sweep, which would take a tremendous amount of pressure off the club. Sweeping the Mariners would give us more wiggle room to split the series against Colorado and still be ok. Or, if the A’s happen to sweep us, we’ll still be on schedule.

I’ve got all the nerves as the regular season comes to an end. I would love to watch Giants postseason baseball again! And I hope we finish as the 8th seed so we can play the Dodgers. I know that the Dodgers are the almighty best team in baseball, but man, we’ve always got a chance when we play the Dodgers! We know them! And we always play them well! We’re 4-6 against them this year, and in a three-game series, anything can happen!

Think about it like this. If we end up in the 8th spot and get matched up with the Dodgers, we’ll have game one against the postseason choke artist Clayton Kershaw. He couldn’t win a high-stress postseason game to save his grandma from a dumpster fire. Maybe a little bit of an exaggeration, but Kershaw’s postseason struggles are well documented. You see, we’ve got nothing to lose (besides the playoffs), but there isn’t one person in the world that isn’t a Giants fan or a moron that thinks the Giants would knock the Dodgers out of the playoffs. So if we lose, fuck it, we were supposed to. BUT IF WE WIN, Ohhhhh baby, but if we win. Pour some gasoline on this division rivalry and reignite the times of old.


  1. But you forgot that we play the Pads 4 games at the end – not 3 to makeup one more game. So that extra loss will then puts us 1 under .500 for the remaining season games and 2 under for the season!

  2. You’ve come up an interesting scenario. Laying out the rotation and possible injuries I have my doubts they come close. The Padres exposed who they really are over the weekend, there may be a hangover from that series. It tends to happen that way. The final series against the Padres most likely will be meaningless games for them.
    Fans can be happy that they did as well as they did though. It ‘was’ an abbreviated season, that wasnt going to happen.
    The season will end and zaidi will continue his destruction of the season ticket holder base.

    1. I agree with you that all Giants fans should be proud with how well they’ve done. I probably wouldn’t have believed it if someone had told me I would be writing about the Giants in the post season two weeks before the seasons end.

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