San Francisco Giants

Fear In The Heart Of A Fan

The emotions of a true fan as we close out the regular season.

I can hardly take it; seven games left. Seven games left, and the Giants are sitting in tenth place. The race for one of the two wild-card spots is by no means out of reach, but we aren’t the only team still alive in the fight for them. Three more vs. the Rockies followed by four with the Padres. As the TV screaming, coffee-table banging, middle finger to the umpire type of Giants fan I am, this is rough.

I’m beginning to write this post as the Giants are starting their game vs. the Rockies. This game needs to be played the complete opposite of last night’s game vs. the Rockies. The Giants got a 2-7 beating last night in a game that they should have won. The three remaining games in this series need to belong to the Giants.

The Giants have two big bats out of the lineup due to injury, Mike Yastrzemski and Alex Dickerson. Yaz has been this season’s star, finding himself in MVP talks for a majority of the season. He’s had a slight decline in production the last week or two before finding himself out with injury. His name is surely out of the MVP talks at this point, but the Giants would not be finding themselves in the playoff battle without his production. Besides Yaz, Dickerson has been our second in hand at providing a power threat. Dickerson is always a threat to hit the long ball and is always in a position to provide a spark for the club offensively.

With these two out, the Giants are really hurting. The Giants didn’t just lose major thump in the lineup. We are now playing without two of our outfielders. This hurts with our outfield depth being so weak. The injuries to Yaz and Dick have left Dubon, Ruf, and Basabe in charge of the outfield. If you’re not a Giants fan there is a very very good chance you don’t even know who the hell they are. That isn’t a good comment to make about a team trying to make it into the postseason.

It’s crunch time, and we need guys to step up in a major way. Guys like Belt, Longoria, and Flores need to step up and help the Giants will their way into the playoffs. We need the young new guys like Basabe and Robertson to play above their expectations. And Joey Bart needs to be what he is supposed to be and start producing. Bart has been a top prospect since being drafted by the Giants, and since being called up has nothing short of underwhelmed at the plate. Adjusting to big-league competition is no easy task, and I understand that Bart found himself in the bigs before playing on an AAA roster, but with less than a week to go in the season, I can’t be patient anymore. The time is now Bart, step up, and do what you’re capable of doing.

My palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. I haven’t had any spaghetti yet, but if the Giants lose tonight, you can bet there’s gonna be vomit on my sweater. C’mon Giants, c’mon! We need this.

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