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Carlos Correa… Ast-no You Didn’t

Carlos Correa and the Houston Astros are baseball’s public enemy number one, and for good reason. The Astros won the 2017 World Series with a bang! See what I did there? Why would such a talented group of young players feel the need to cheat the game of baseball?

I can’t answer that question. And it’s a damn shame that it happened. The Astros cheating scandal is something that will never be forgotten. It will be etched in baseball history for the remainder of time. I, like the rest of the baseball world, hated them for it. I hated how dramatically It affected the game we love. Some of us still hate the Astros for it and always will, which is understandable. I don’t hate the Astros and their players at this point. Again, I hate what they did and still feel like the players not getting punished was a heaping pile of hippo shit, but I’ve moved on. It happened, it was horrible, but it’s over. They aren’t cheating anymore, so let’s live in the now. At least I hope they’re not…

When the cheating scandal came to light, the person that took the brunt of the blows was Carlos Correa. Correa decided to put himself in the spotlight. He stood up for himself and his team, acknowledging that what they did was wrong but ferociously defending his teammates. His willingness to essentially take charge in becoming the punching bag in the beatings the team was undoubtedly going to receive was what that club needed.

Correa is doing the same thing for his club now on the field. Correa walked it off in the ninth inning of last night’s game to keep the team alive and force a game six. There are many great players in baseball, and when you talk about the best in the game, Correa isn’t at the top of the list. There is something to be said for certain athletes that can become the best in the biggest of moments, and that’s what Correa is and does. He picks up his team and answers in the biggest moments when everyones back is against the wall.

We’ll find out tonight if Correa and his Astros can do it again and force a game seven. With how depleted their bullpen is and Tampa bringing Blake Snell to the mound, everything in me wants to say that tonight will be the day the final nail gets hammered into the coffin. You won’t find me dropping any money on that, though, specifically for the comments I made earlier. You can never count out a team that possesses someone with the “it factor.” Correa has it, and “it” is a lot of fun to watch as a baseball fan.

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