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Salem-Keizer Volcanoes Find New Destiny In Mavericks League

After a month in limbo, the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes find themselves once again in baseball relevance. The Volcanoes are now one of four founding teams to the new Mavericks League. A mirror image to the United Shores League played in Detroit. Although a far stretch from being a minor league affiliate to a major league club, I will speak for the Salem-Keizer area in saying that simply, we’re happy to have baseball back.

Learn more about how the San Francisco Giants cut ties with the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes here.

Mavericks Independent Baseball League

A quote from Volcanoes CEO Mickey Walker.

“We have an unique opportunity to bring baseball back the way it used to be. Kind of like the old glory barnstorming days of baseball – except rather than traveling around the country, all the games will be played at Volcanoes Stadium.  Many fans remember the Portland Mavericks with great fondness – this League will have that type of popularity.  We’ll have open tryouts and select the best players from across the country. This will also provide a place for local athletes to aspire to play someday.”

The four-team independent league will consist of top-level non-drafted players as well as previously dropped players. The Mavericks League will be a second chance for players hoping to find a home on a major league roster. The four-team Mavericks League will consist of,

The Mavericks Independent Baseball League

Salem-Keizer Volcanoes Mavericks League
  • Salem-Keizer Volcanoes
  • Salem Senators
  • Campesinos De Salem-Keizer
  • Portland Mavericks

The season will begin this spring on May 13th, with the regular season concluding August 29th, followed by playoffs. Games will be played every Thursday through Sunday. Thursday and Friday will be night games only, whereas Saturday and Sunday will have morning and night games. All games will be held at Volcanoes Stadium.

Find additional information on the Mavericks League here.

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